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Jack Berry’s Raw Linden Honey (370g) V – Jack Berry™ Linden Honey is light in colour and has a strong and very distinctive aroma. Linden honey has a fresh woodlands smell, with a hint linden blossom. The honey’s taste is relatively mild, but stronger than you’d expect from its light appearance. It’s extremely sweet but the flavour is not over powering. Used as a traditional remedy for colds and coughs.

Jack Berry’s Raw Multifloral Honey (370g) V – Jack Berry™ Multiforal Honey is derived from the nectar of many different plants and flowers gathered during a particular time of the year.  Therefore it can vary in taste, colour and strength depending on the endless floral variations.  This honey has a strong floral taste and can be used to sweeten natural yogurt, drinks, cakes or simply to replace cane sugar with a more natural option.

Jack Berry’s Raw Buckwheat Honey (370g) V – Jack Berry™ Buckwheat Honey is a highly nutritious honey made from buckwheat flower nectar. This honey isn’t as sweet as traditional honey however it is high in certain antioxidants, rich in vitamins and is considered a very healthy food source which supports a strong immune system. The buckwheat flowers are dark in colour so this honey has a rich darker colour than other raw honey.

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*Due to high demand of certain products within this hamper, we may substitute them for an alternative of equal or greater value but will remain in accordance with the dietary requirements of the hamper itself

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