At EZ Hampers, we’re very proud to be an Altrincham-based business. We love to support other businesses in our local area, from Timperley to Sale. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight all of the brilliant and inventive brands from our community through our blog. This week, we wanted to celebrate the talent of local gin distillers by sharing some info on our range of locally made gins.
By choosing a locally made gin, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and helping the planet whilst also aiding business in your area. Small batch, locally crafted gins are often higher quality due to the passion poured into their production. Below we’ve listed our favourite local gins from our collection, which are all available for purchase in a gift hamper, or as a beverage from our shop bar.

Did you know?: The North West of England is known for the production of many household gin names such as Greenall’s Gin.

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Lucky Bee Gin

Lucky Bee are a gin company based in Sale, and have a range of 6 different gins such as Tutti Frutti, Rhubarb and Raspberry, all flavoured using 13 locally sourced botanicals. The business was launched in 2020 by founders Stephen and Katy. They make their gin at home, which they’ve converted into a fully functioning gin distillery! For those who prefer vodka, Lucky Bee have also created a small batch vodka.

1290 Altrincham Spirits

1290 Altrincham Spirits is a local gin made by Altrincham natives Tom and Matt, inspired by their love of their hometown and by a desire to make a sustainable gin brand! The gin is produced at Brindle Distillery, which is powered by bio-mass and has its own spring water supply. Many of the ingredients are also sourced from the Altrincham Market.

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Emerald Gin

Emerald Gin is a gin distillery based in Heald Green, created by Gareth & Scott, two brothers in law. Together with their friend, they built a garden shed outhouse which now houses their 100 litre gin still. They currently produce three different types of gin: London Dry, Pink Gin and Valencian Orange. Each of their gins are multi award-winning!