Exactly one year ago, we posted our first EZ Hampers blog post, not knowing where it would take us. Today, we celebrate our 1 year blog anniversary, having written over 70 blog posts! Throughout this digital journey, we’ve been able to communicate with our readers on so many thought-provoking topics ranging from sustainability to different charitable organisations, and of course- gift hampers! The blog has been a fantastic way of sharing with our followers the inspiring organisations and charities that EZ Hamper has had the opportunity to work with. 


Gabby, Our Blogger

Ever wondered who writes all of our blog posts? Who spends her time researching random facts for fun? Whilst the entire EZ Hampers team contributes blog ideas every Monday morning meeting, Gabby is our resident blog writer. 

Gabby joined EZ Hampers in 2022 after recently graduating and receiving her BSc in Psychology. Passionate about the environment and giving back to the community, she fit right in. She joined the team as Sales & Stock Administrator, though her role quickly developed into more creative endeavours like blog writing, photography and hamper design. Whilst she enjoys writing each blog post, her favourite to write was ‘World Ocean Day’ as she loves all things to do with the sea! Gabby also started attending online and in-person networking events in February this year, to spread the good word of sustainable gifts! She loves working in a supportive, female-led business environment that prioritises honesty, positivity and kindness. When she’s not writing a post, she’s looking after her small zoo of animals, including a labradoodle, three rats and two lizards. A geek at heart, Gabby also loves playing Dungeons & Dragons and watching horror movies. 


Did you know?: Gabby has designed her own gift hamper! ‘Gabby’s Blind Date with a Book’ is available to buy on the EZ Hampers website. It contains a mystery book of your preferred genre, and is a great 


A Big Thank You

From all of us at EZ Hampers, a massive thank you to our readers, as well as everyone who has supported our small business. As well as a very warm welcome to anyone new to our blogs. Your continued support has allowed us to make a positive impact, and we look forward to expanding our endeavours in the years to come. 

As we celebrate this 1 Year Blog Anniversary, we can’t help but be excited about what the future holds for EZ Hampers. We hope you’ll continue to be a part of our journey and help us to create a brighter and more eco-friendly world, one hamper at a time.