Did you know one of the events that EZ Hampers hosts are crochet classes? Regardless of skill level you are welcome to participate.

Unlike our other events such as alcohol tasters and networking sessions, our crochet classes provide a dedicated space for learning and creativity. It’s not just about picking up a new hobby; it’s about joining a supportive community where you can share your passion for crafting with like-minded individuals.

What you can expect when you sign up for one of our Crochet Classes

  1. Expert Guidance: Our classes are led by an experienced instructor who is passionate about crochet. Whether you’re brand new to the craft or looking to expand your skills. Are you left-handed and struggled to learn? Don’t feel discouraged from joining us, the instructor herself is left-handed. Don’t worry if you’re not left-handed though as everyone is welcome.
  2. Creative Atmosphere: Our classes offer a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where you can let your creativity flow freely. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to swap tips, tricks, and project ideas with your classmates.
  3. Community Connection: Crochet isn’t just about making beautiful things; it’s also about forming connections with others. Our classes are a fantastic way to meet new people who share your interests and forge friendships that extend beyond the studio. Who knows? You might just find your new crochet buddy!

To check when our next crochet class is keep an eye out on our events page