We’re constantly updating and improving our gift hampers, which also includes sourcing brand new products for our customers. This month, we’ve added some of our new discoveries to our wide range of EZ Hamper goodies. Those of you who follow us on TikTok @ezhampers will have already seen a sneak peek of a few of our latest products.

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Our coffee range has finally expanded, and we now stock TrueStart Coffee. Their coffee comes in a variety of forms, from their specialty beans to their on the go instant coffee. Our new coffee hampers even have the option of iced coffee cans, perfect for those who enjoy an energising cold-brew. If you’re trying to reduce your caffeine intake, TrueStart Coffee also offers decaf options for all of their products.


Regardless of whether you’re team tea or team coffee, every hot cuppa needs something sweet on the side to nibble on. That’s why we’ve paired some of our tasty beverages with our new Grab Energy Flapjacks. Grab Energy offer plenty of different flavours of their tasty flapjacks, which are also vegetarian and entirely palm oil-free! Or, for those who prefer savoury snacks over sweet, we’ve paired our drinks with Darling Spuds crisps. These handcooked crisps are a great gifting option for those who are gluten-free, or for those who simply want a naturally delicious crunch. 


Along with the products that have just arrived on the EZ Hampers website, we also have some new, exciting goods from our fan favourite stockists. The folks at popcorn Shed have been busy at work inventing all sorts of delectable and quirky flavours. We’re now able to offer flavours such as Millionaire’s Shortbread, White Chocolate and Berry-licious in our hampers. We have plenty of other new treats for our blog readers to discover in our gift hampers below, which are also all available for custom orders.

Brand New Hampers

Christmas Movie night hamper - containing 2 vegan popcorns from popcorn shed called toasted marshmallow and christmas pudding. As well as two gunna lemonades and a cookies with no cream chocolate bar

Flapjacks and Coffee Hamper


TrueStart Barista Grade Instant Coffee (100g)

TrueStart Energising Colombian Coffee – Medium Roast, Strength 7 (200g) A rich, strong body, with notes of citrus, & caramel with a lasting finish of nutty dark chocolate

x2 TrueStart Original Black Iced Coffee – Cold Brew Coffee (250ml) Ve, Sugar-free & zero calories, All natural & nothing artificial, Vegan & keto friendly

Golden Syrup  Grab Energy Butter Flapjack (65g) V, Palm Oil Free

Belgian Chocolate Grab Energy Butter Flapjack (65g) V, Palm Oil Free

Salted Caramel Grab Energy Butter Flapjack (65g) V, Palm Oil Free

Fruits and Seeds Grab Energy Butter Flapjack (65g) V, Palm Oil Free

Movie Night hamper

Popcorn Hamper

Popcorn Shed collection of their latest flavours:

Classic Caramel (16g) Ve, GF

Millionaire Shortbread (16g) V

Berry-licious (16g) V, GF

Cookies & Cream (16g) V

Chocolate Orange (16g) Ve, GF

White Chocolate (16g) V, GF

Gabby's Picks for her Christmas Movie Night in

Spuds and Soda Hamper

X4 Gunna Lemonades – Raspberry, Ginger, Mint & Tropical (330ml) Ve, GF

X4 Darling Spuds Crisps – Thai Sweet Chilli, Ham & English Mustard, Sea Salt & Modena Balsamic Vinegar, Somerset Cheddar & Onion (40g) V