Burns Night is the traditional Scottish celebration of the life and work of Robert Burns, a famous poet and lyricist. It is considered to be a key cultural celebration in Scotland, however it is also celebrated all over the world. The first Burns Night celebration took place in 1802, hosted five years after the death of Burns and takes place every year on the 25th of January.

Did you know?: The first Burns supper was hosted on the 29th of January, as it had been believed to be Robert Burns’ birth date. However, the year after, parish records revealed his birthday was actually the 25th of January.

During Burns Night, poetry by Burns is recited. At the end of the night, dances such as the cèilidh are performed and songs such as ‘Auld Lang Syne’ are sung. A traditional Burns supper consists of haggis (Traditionally made of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs, stomach, onion, oatmeal, suet and spices), neeps and tatties (Mashed swede and potatoes). The supper typically also starts with a Scottish soup, such as Cullen Skink or Scotch Broth. The meal then concludes with dessert, such as Clootie Dumpling or Cranachan. Scotch whisky is also commonly drunk during Burns Night. 

Hampers for Burns Night

Celebrating Burns Night yourself, or known someone invited to a Burns supper? Why not browse our selection of Scottish and whisky hampers, filled with Scottish classics such as buttery shortbread and full-bodied scotch whiskies. 

Scottish Whisky Hamper

Burns Night - Blue Scottish Whiskey Hamper

Our cult classic Scottish Whisky Hamper is the best gift for anyone this Burn’s Night, containing Glenlivet whisky to be drunk after Burns Supper.


The Glenlivet Founders Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky with the Glenlivet Whisky Glass

Macdonalds Scottish Shortbread Fingers

Scottish Breakfast Tea

Orange Scottish Hamper

Burns Night - Orange hamper

The orange version of our Scottish Whisky hamper. This tasty hamper is a great gift idea for any whisky lover in your life. 


Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Gardiners of Scotland Luxury Scottish Malt Whisky Fudge

Angelic Ginger & Chocolate Chip Plant Based Cookies – Top 14 Allergens Safe

Blue Scottish Hamper 

The blue version of our Scottish Whisky hamper, to represent the flag of Scotland- St Andrew’s Cross. This hamper is also 100% vegan!


Talisker Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Angelic Chocolate Chip Plant Based Cookies

Angelic Rosemary & Sea Salt Plant Based Savoury Biscuits

Scottish Breakfast Tea

Scottish Ale vs Gin Hamper

Not a fan of whisky but still want to celebrate Burns Night? Our Scottish Ale vs Gin Hamper is an excellent gift for those who want to warm their souls this winter with a bit of tipple!


Hazy IPA Ale Fierce

IPA Ale Fierce

Rhubarb Fruit Pale Ale Fierce

Persie Spaniel Gin

Persie Labrador Gin

Lind & Lime Gin

Lang May Your Lum Reek! All hampers listed are available to purchase from EZ Hampers