January is a fresh start for everyone, and the best time to focus on your aspirations for the year. 

There’s no better time for those who made a New Year’s resolution in 2022 to take their first steps towards their goal! In a survey conducted by Statistica, 20% of people in the UK said their New Year’s resolution for 2022 was to cut down on drinking alcohol. To stick to this goal, many people in the UK sign up for Dry January. The challenge of Dry January is to not drink any alcohol for the 31 days of the month.  the British charity, Alcohol Change UK founded the campaign, to reduce the harm caused by alcohol- without being anti-alcohol!

Benefits to taking part in Dry January include saving money, getting better sleep, and general health improvements. Dry January has even been endorsed by Public Health England, as research published in 2018 by the British Medical Journal highlighted that just a month abstaining from alcohol lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes, lowers cholesterol levels and even reduces levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood. What’s more, Dry January has also been shown to help individuals to drink more mindfully in the future.

Alcohol-free Hampers

If you’re taking part in Dry January in 2023, or know someone who is, why not send them an alcohol-free hamper to show your support? Our zero alcohol hampers are also perfect for those who don’t drink year round, or for younger folk who want to try our fantastic range of soft drinks!

Cosmo and Wanda Hamper

Inspired by a childhood classic, the Cosmo and Wanda Hamper is filled with our latest goodies and tasty drinks to make anyone’s day.


Naturally Delicious Brown Bag Crisps West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and Onion (40g) V, GF, Suitable for Coeliacs

Highball Cosmopolitan (Alcohol Free Cocktails) – Ve, GF, Free from Preservatives, Free from Artificial Sweeteners (250ml)

Highball Mojito (Alcohol Free Cocktails) – Ve, GF, Free from Preservatives, Free from Artificial Sweeteners (250ml)

X2 TEMPRD Smooth Milk Chocolate Little Bar (100g) V, GF

Ultimate Fizzy Hamper

Want to try a selection of our quirky flavoured fizzy drinks from Gunna Drinks and Soda Folk? The Ultimate Fizzy Hamper is the perfect gift for anyone addicted to pop. 


X4 Gunna Drinks- Lemonade with a hint of mint, Ginger Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade and Tropical Lemonade.

X4 Soda Folk Drinks- Cream Soda, Blueberry Muffin Soda, Cherry Soda, and Root Beer.

Highball Mocktail Hamper

Highball cocktail - dry january

Our Highball Mocktail Hamper offers an assorted range of alcohol-free cocktails inspired by popular bar drinks, for those who don’t drink but still want the taste of a G&T or Italian Spritz!


X4 Highball Mocktails- Classic G&T, Ginger Dram, Italian Spritz and Pink G&T.

Garden Party Hamper

Garden party dry january

Our Heartsease Farm Hamper not only consists of our favourite Jocelyn & Co. nibbles, but also four flavours of Heartsease Farm. This gift hamper is ideal for any picnic or garden party this summer!


X4 Radnor Heartsease Farm Drinks- Ginger Beer, Elderflower Lemonade, Traditional Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade.

Jocelyn & Co. Italian Grissini

Jocelyn & Co. Cocoa Shortbread Biscuits

Jocelyn & Co. Italian Raspberry Jam Petite Biscuits

Natural Snacks & Drinks Hamper

Dry january natural snacks and drinks hamper

The Sparkling Drink and Snack Hamper contains four of our best-selling flavours of Jamu WIld Water and Nuisance drinks, low-calorie botanical beverages that are healthier alternatives to mainstream soft drinks. The hamper also includes three Creative Nature Bars, which are excellent snacks for those who have food allergies as they’re top 14 allergen free!


X2 Jamu Wild Water- Orange and Lemon

X2 Nuisance Drinks- Mint, Cucumber and Chilli, and Wild Bramble and Rosemary.

X3 Creative Nature Bars- Carrot Cake, Spiced Apple and Bursting Berry.