We promised that we were done with our Employee picks for the year but the EZ Hampers team decided to collaborate for an Employee Picks: Christmas Edition!

In preparation for Christmas this year, we’ve stocked our storeroom full of Christmas goodies! We’ve spent the past year carefully curating our Christmas range from brands we feel align with our brand ethos, prioritising sustainability and quality. From baubles to reindeers, each item has been personally tested by our office elves to ensure we only put the best of the best in our gift hampers this winter season. 

We asked each of our staff members to tell us their favourite Christmas themed items that we stock, and these were their picks:

Lisa’s Picks

Cocktail Bar in a Jar Cocktail Baubles

Christmas Cocktail baubles
Employee Picks: Christmas Edition

They say: “Our Boozy Baubles are perfect for Christmas decorations or as a treat for a friend – the best alcohol filled stocking filler or secret santa ever! Get the Ho Ho Ho into Christmas early with our Booze-Filled Joybles! Cocktails available are: Ginger Spice, Pornstar Martini, Cosmo, Raspberry Bramble, Strawberry Daiquiri. Available in 100ml and 250ml.”

Lisa says: “I love our new cocktails in baubles, I think they’re an incredibly unique gift idea. You can decorate your Christmas tree with them, and then fill them again with glitter and water after drinking them. Although all the flavours are classics, my favourite definitely has to be the Raspberry Bramble because I absolutely adore gin!”

Christmas Twist Teas

Twist Teas
Employee Picks: Christmas Edition

They say: “Every Twist Tea blend is created from the finest, ethically sourced whole-leaf ingredients.  Our plastic free tea bags are hand blended in the UK and hand packed in plastic free packaging. What sets us apart from the competition are the functional herbs, botanicals and spices added to many of our blends reputed to offer health and wellbeing benefits.”

Lisa says: “Something I really like about Twist Teas is that you get more than one cup of tea out of each bag. My favourite Christmas flavour is the Mulled Wine tea, as it reminds me of the mulled wine you can get at the Manchester Christmas Markets- without alcohol, of course.” 

Erin’s Picks

TEMPRD Limited Edition Gingerbread S’mores Chocolate Bar

TEMPRD Gingerbread S'mores 
Employee Picks: Christmas Edition

They say: “We couldn’t find the chocolate we wanted to eat or gift – chunky, luxury and a real mix of flavours. So, having already quit the rat race to work together,  we decided to make it! TEMPRD is a family run company making rich slabs of chocolatey goodness in all kinds of flavours. And with No Bull – our cocoa is sustainably sourced, we’re working towards plastic free. Introducing our Limited Edition bar for Christmas 2022 – Gingerbread S’mores! Real gingerbread and marshmallow pieces swirled into milk chocolate – the perfect s’more! Campfire optional… and limited to 1000 bars.”

Erin says: “As a big fan of TEMPRD chocolate and their ethos, I was super excited when they released their Christmas limited edition chocolate bar. It has a lovely flavour of gingerbread and marshmallow, which reminds me of s’mores! Also, I really appreciate that TEMPRD makes different flavours of chocolate that you can’t find anywhere else. The chocolate bar itself is really chunky too, so you get a lot for the price!”

Azra Christmas Soaps

Azra Soap Tree 
Employee Picks: Christmas Edition

They say: “Azra Creations is a small business providing vegan, pure, natural and bespoke products to everyone. We use a variety of pure essential oils and high-quality cosmetic grade fragrance oils in our products. You will find a range of products on our brochures and we are still expanding depending on what our customers require. We have soy wax candles, wax melts, shampoo bars, cold process soaps, body butters, body scrubs, hand-blended fragrance oils, bath bombs and introducing more products soon. There is no limit to creativity and Azra Creations thrives on providing what is needed by our customers.”

Erin says: “Azra’s new Christmas soap designs are really cute and festive! The scents are also heavenly. My favourite design is the reindeer, in the scent ‘mulled wine’. But there’s loads of designs, from snowmen to sleighs and scents like spiced apple and festive tree. They also last ages as well! But it won’t stop me picking up a couple more over the next few months.”

Gabby’s Picks

EZ Hampers Christmas Candles

Employee Picks: Christmas Edition

We say: “Our Christmas scented candles are made of 100% soy wax, and are cruelty-free. Our candle jars are repurposed from empty cocktail jars. Every candle is then custom labelled with our iconic bee logo, and tied with a ribbon. Our available scents are: Mulberry Spice, Cinnamon & Orange, Mistletoe & Snowberry, Cranberry & Rose and Nutmeg & Ginger.”

Gabby says: “Nothing says Christmas to me more than a festive scent in the air. Which means I was more excited than anyone when we got our Christmas themed candles. My scent of choice is definitely the orange & cinnamon candle, which reminds me of a delicious winter dessert.” 

Grace Christmas Chocolates- Caramel Filled Snowmen Chocolates

Employee Picks: Christmas Edition

They say: “Joyce, the founder, began volunteering at the family Hub centre at HMP Cornton Vale HMP when it opened in 2013. One evening a week she helped support the family and friends of women in prison as they came to visit. Hearing the stories of the women and their families touched her heart and from a desire to make a difference the idea of supporting the women through the making and selling of “exquisitely wrapped chocolates” had been planted.

“The organisation supports any women who have touched the criminal justice system whether they are working towards parole at the end of their sentence, have been in prison and are now living in the community or those who received non-custodial sentences. It doesn’t matter if it their first offence or they have a history of offences. Our delicious caramel filled snowmen are an indulgent Christmas treat. In addition to 4 snowmen each pack contains a solid chocolate reindeer “nose” wrapped in bright red foil. An ideal fun gift, Secret Santa and stocking filler.”

Gabby says: “As a self-confessed chocoholic, I especially love Grace Chocolates and their new Christmas products. My favourites are the caramel filled snowmen, as they’re super sweet and delicious! Also they even come with a solid chocolate reindeer ‘nose’ which is just a really cute touch. I especially love that they support women who’ve been involved with crime in the past and want to turn their lives around. It’s important to give back at Christmas, and I think that purchasing from businesses that help others is a great way to do that!