Its our third and final individual Employee Picks with Lisa’s Favourites! We love to make sure our products are as high quality as possible; we would never want to sell a product we don’t believe in ourselves. Click here to check out Gabby’s Favourites and Erin’s Favourites. This week we asked Lisa, the owner of EZ Hampers, to choose her favourite products. As the founder of EZ Hampers, Lisa, knows all of our products inside and out. Lisa has brought many of the products she used in everyday life into the business, as well as discovering some new favourites during her journey with EZ Hampers. Here are her top picks:


Employee picks: Lisa's favourites Lisa

Niche Cocktails Pink Grapefruit Gin Fizz Cocktail in a Can

They say: “Born out of a passion to create a higher quality of pre-mixed cocktails, we have created our first range of premium classic cocktails in a can, with our own Niche twists. This refreshing combination of sharp succulent grapefruit with a generous glug of gin is the perfect celebratory drink.”


Lisa says: “It tastes beautiful, especially as it actually tastes like its meant to unlike most canned cocktails. What I like about Niche Cocktails is their dedication, as they’ve spent four years perfecting their recipe so it’s the best it can be. As well as this, Bob Scott, the founder of Niche Cocktails is very supportive of EZ Hampers and our mission.”


H2K Botanicals Organic Sea Kelp Extract and Aloe Vera Bath & Shower Gel


They say: “Two beneficial ingredients that are both gentle and energising are the foundation of this product. Organic extracts of Sea kelp and Aloe Vera are both kind and soothing on the skin. H2k Botanicals 100% natural skincare range gives you that clean spa feeling in your own home, enjoy this natural feather-light formula that will leave you feeling refreshed with every use.”


Lisa says: “I love this company because it reminds me of a beautiful spring day in Harrogate when I met the owner of this company, the products all smell heavenly. Hazel Berry has been perfecting her bath products for over 25 years, to ensure that each product is beneficial for your skin and results in a product that smells great. She also has a beautiful shop in Harrogate with celebrity clientele such as Alan Carr.”


DeRoiste Radiance 2-in-1 Face & Eye Serum with Turmeric & Kojic Acid


They say: “Deroiste Natural Beauty is about inspiring you to have the best skin possible, how nature intended it to be. I want to represent every person who loves looking after their skin hence intentionally providing inclusive skincare for all regardless of gender, skin type/tone, and age. This radiance boosting serum easily absorbs & penetrates skin to help, firm and brighten dull dark areas and even out for a glowing luminous complexion.


Lisa says: “I love this because it absorbs into your skin really well, it doesn’t feel like a heavy moisturiser. It didn’t feel greasy either and it was brilliant value for money. Esther Roche is the founder of Deroiste, and her mission is to offer products for people’s skin that are inclusive to everyone, regardless of skin type, race or age. She also supports ladies of ethnic minorities, and is a mum of 5. Her products have even been featured in pop up stalls in John Lewis.”


Sir Robin of Locksley® Distilled Artisan Gin


They say: “Real Raspberry & Cardamom Infused Sir Robin of Locksley Gin is our answer to all the insipid pink “gins” that are out there at the the moment, most of which are really badly produced, many with artificial flavourings & colourants. It’s our flagship Sir Robin, infused with around 30 raspberries per bottle, giving it a wonderful depth of flavour & colour. We have added a separate distillate of cardamom to give it more dimension & complexity. This one is fab with regular tonic water, but as we always suggest, play around to find your own perfect pour – in moderation of course!”

Lisa says: “This gin has an absolutely lovely flavour of raspberry and cardamom! I really admire this company starting nearly ten years ago in John Cherry’s parent’s attic where it is now based in a beautifully historic building based in Sheffiled. As a lover of history the fact this company has preserved a grade 2 listed old steel works is the ‘Cherry’ on top of why I love this company and its products. They also protect the planet by making their products in recyclable glass, and only using renewable energy sources.”


Délicieux Chocolat 30% D’OR – Caramelised White Chocolate Bar

Employee Picks: Lisa's favourite delicieux Caramac flavour


They say: “At Délicieux, chocolate runs through our blood. Each of our products is lovingly handcrafted by our expert chocolatier using only the finest quality natural ingredients. Our time-honored techniques and traditions result in the rich, complex flavours that are a signature of our chocolates. With rich notes of caramel, butter, toffee and salt, our 30% D’OR offers a harmony of caramelised white chocolate and salted caramel flavours. This truly is a unique chocolate experience!”


Lisa says: “The D’OR chocolate bar from Délicieux Chocolat reminds me of the old Caramac chocolate, which was one of my favourite chocolates growing up so it has a nostalgic feel for me. Délicieux Chocolat also echoes our company ethos as they too use recyclable packaging and even have a range of plant-based chocolates. The company founder Reece Hunt not only believes in sustainable packaging but sustainable sourcing of his products through supporting cocoa farmers better.” 


Zepice Coconut, Rose & Almond Gourmet Curry

Employee Picks: Lisa's favourites Zepice Spice Coconut, Rose & Almond


They say: “Our Gourmet fusion blends are based around our childhood memories and thus using our knowledge and expertise, bring you undoubtedly the most amazing Fusion Mauritian Blends. Without a doubt Mauritius is a popular tourist destination, we thus aim to make its food equally as popular and most importantly available to you. Using only Natural ingredients, we bring you  intense, gourmet flavours to your dining table. Rose & Almond Curry. a mild and creamy curry, that has a unique and exquisite flavour coupled with a floral hint to add extra depth to your meal.” 


Lisa says: “I love cooking and the Zepice spice tins are perfect for adding a unique twist to your curry. The Rose & Almond Curry spice tin has lovely floral flavour without having too much spice. They make cooking so much easier and more enjoyable! Leyla is the only producer of award winning Mauritanians fusion food and is based in Muir of Ord. The tins as well are perfect to recycle as well into candles!”