We’re now only 4 days away until Christmas, and our Christmas elves are packing the final hampers for this festive season! Sadly, this is our last blog post before Christmas day. But fear not! We’ll be back for Boxing Day to wish you a happy New Year. For now, EZ Hampers would like to wish all of our customers and loyal blog readers a very Merry Christmas! We want to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us this year, and we hope to see you all in 2023. As a special edition to our blog, each of us at EZ Hampers wanted to share the Ez Hampers Christmas Christmas plans, our Christmas trees, as well as some of our personal Yuletide traditions.

Lisa’s Christmas Plans

“This year, I’m spending my Christmas Eve with my two lovely children, Erin and Mark, as well as my other half. We plan to enjoy a nice meal in Manchester City Centre. Then, on Christmas Day, I always drive over in the morning to see my children open their gifts. One of my personal favourite Christmas traditions is driving to see family and blasting the song ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ by Chris Rea, as it’s one of my absolute favourites!

“I then get fed by my daughter who cooks the Christmas dinner. Despite being vegan, I do enjoy a good Christmas roast. I love everything- apart from the meat, of course! Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of meat replacements like nut roasts. I tend to just have extra vegetables or cauliflower cheese, drenched in vegan gravy. I then head off home to enjoy my evening with my family, and I spend some time with my brother when he pops over.”

Erin’s Christmas Plans

“As a Christmas Eve tradition, I read The Night Before Christmas. I then wake up on Christmas Day and make my parents cups of tea. My brother and I open our gifts first, then my parents open their gifts. This includes the gifts in our stockings which we’ve had since our first Christmases. We usually don’t eat breakfast, as we then have to go to one of my Auntie’s houses to exchange gifts. After this, we return home where my dad and I cook Christmas dinner together. My Christmas dinner consists of: turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, carrots & swede, broccoli, mange tout, white cabbage, cauliflower, and gravy. My dad also makes a massive yorkshire pudding, which he then cuts up for each person. After stuffing ourselves full of food, I then go to my mum’s house to watch movies and listen to my Christmas music playlists.”

Erin’s & Lisa’s Christmas Tree

Ez Hampers Christmas Plans - Erin's Tree

Gabby’s Christmas Plans

“Each year on Christmas, my family and I start the day by opening our stocking gifts- every Christmas, my parents always put an orange in my stocking. This festive tradition dates back to the 19th century, from a tale about Saint Nicholas in which the oranges are meant to represent gold. After opening our stockings, we then head downstairs to open up the presents under the tree together, and then we have a big breakfast! Next, we get cracking with cooking our Christmas dinner. We all get involved with peeling the vegetables and roasting the potatoes.

“Our Christmas dinner consists of: Turkey (sometimes with bacon), pigs in blankets, carrots & swede, broccoli, cheesy leeks, peas, brussel sprouts, cabbage, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy! After stuffing ourselves with food around 4pm, we then usually have a nap. In the evening, we head over to my Aunt’s house for more presents and then finally dessert. A classic Cartmell tradition is lighting the Christmas pudding on fire using brandy. We stay overnight as it’s my Aunt’s birthday on the 26th, and finish our Christmas by heading home and sleeping in!” 

Gabby’s Christmas Tree:

Ez Hampers Christmas plans - Gabby's tree

What are your Christmas day plans this year? Do you have any Christmas traditions that your family does every year?