According to the 2021 Census, there were approximately 3,868,133 Muslims living in the UK, representing 6.5% of the UK population. The population is estimated to grow to 13 million by the year 2050. As such, millions of people in the UK eat a halal diet. Here at EZ Hampers, we know how important it is for dietary requirements to be taken seriously. We have an extensive collection of halal hampers, perfect for celebrations such as Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. We also offer custom hampers for all occasions and dietary needs, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team!

What is ‘Halal’?

The term ‘halal’ is an Arabic word, meaning ‘permissible’ in English. Whereas, the term ‘haram’ refers to acts forbidden in the religion of Islam. The Islamic holy book, the Qu’ran, provides guidance on what is both halal and haram. In regards to food and drink, halal foods don’t contain:

  • Pork and pork derived products such as gelatine, pepsin and lipase.
  • Meat and meat derived products from animals that have not been slaughtered according to Islamic dietary laws.
  • Meat from carnivorous animals.
  • Blood or products containing blood such as black pudding.
  • Alcohol and any alcohol derived products such as vanilla extract.
  • Foods cooked in or prepared with alcohol.

Our Halal Gift Hampers

We provide many gift hampers that are 100% halal, as we ensure that the products put in these hampers don’t contain ingredients such as gelatine or alcohol. We do, however, ensure that each snack put in our halal hampers is delicious! Below we’ve listed six of our halal hampers, ranging from tasty snack hampers, to cooking hampers that are perfect for making a halal meal!

Rainbow Snack Hamper

We love our Rainbow Snack Hamper, as it’s bright, tasty and 100% halal! This gift hamper contains an abundance of delicious drinks and healthy snacks from Humble Warrior, Brave and Popcorn Shed.


Humble Warrior Pineapple Ginger – Sparkling Botanical Drink (250ml) Ve, GF

Humble Warrior Pomegranate Hibiscus – Sparkling Botanical Drink (250ml) Ve, GF

Humble Warrior Mango Turmeric – Sparkling Botanical Drink (250ml) Ve, GF

Pop ‘n’ Choc Popcorn Shed (24g) GF

Goats Cheese Popcorn Shed (24g) GF

Butterscotch Popcorn Shed (24g) Ve, GF

Roasted Peas Chocolate & Salted Caramel Brave (35g) Ve

Sweet Chilli Crunchy Chickpeas Brave (35g) Ve

Roasted Peas Sea Salt Brave (35g) Ve

Boundless Treats Hamper

The Boundless Treats Hamper is full of gluten-free and halal snacks, making it the best gift choice for anyone you want to show that you’re thinking of them.


X2 Nuisance Wild Bramble & Rosemary (250ml) Ve, GF Completely Recyclable Packaging

Activated Snacking Chipotle & Lime Boundless Chips (23g) Ve, GF

 Turmeric & Smoked Paprika Boundless Nuts & Seeds(30g) Ve, GF

Cayenne & Rosemary Boundless Nuts & Seeds (30g) Ve, GF

Tamari & Aleppo Boundless Nuts & Seeds (30g) Ve, GF

Popcorn Shed Strawberries and Cream (24g) V, GF

Nutty Vegan Hamper

Feeling nutty? Our Nutty Vegan Hamper is a great gift for anyone absolutely nuts about nuts. From peanuts to brazil nuts, this truly tempting gift hamper has you covered.

Dirty Cow Brazillionaire (80g) Ve, DF, GF

Mr. Filbert’s Balsamic Vinegar & Roasted Shallots Flavoured Mixed Nuts (150g) Ve, GF

x2 Boundless Nuts and Seeds (30g) Ve, GF

x2 SuperFoodio Peanut Butter Chunky Buttons (20g) Ve

Cosmo and Wanda Hamper

Filled with our latest halal goodies and tasty drinks to make anyone’s day. This gift hamper features our delicious mocktails- full of flavour and none of the alcohol!


Naturally Delicious Brown Bag Crisps West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and Onion (40g) V, GF, Suitable for Coeliacs

Highball Cosmopolitan (Alcohol Free Cocktails) – Ve, GF, Free from Preservatives, Free from Artificial Sweeteners (250ml)

Highball Mojito (Alcohol Free Cocktails) – Ve, GF, Free from Preservatives, Free from Artificial Sweeteners (250ml)

X2 TEMPRD Smooth Milk Chocolate Little Bar (100g) V, GF

Ultimate Zepice Hamper

Our Ultimate Zepice Hamper is the perfect gift for any foodie or cooking connoisseur in your life! Zepice is an award winning company who specialise in gourmet fusion ingredients. This hamper is filled with our favourite Zepice spices, rubs, marinades and jams.


Smokey Chipotle Gourmet Rub

Mauritian Tandoori Spice Rub

Lemongrass & Coconut Gourmet

Applewood Smoked Mulato & Guajillo Mauritian Mazavaroo

Oak Smoked Chipotle Mauritian Mazavaroo

Pineapple, Coconut & Vanilla Jam

Coconut, Lemongrass & Kaffir Lime Gourmet Curry

Coconut, Rose & Almond Gourmet Curry

Mauritian Garam Masala Daube

Allergen Free Hamper

Every product in this hamper is Top 14 Allergens Free, as well as halal and suitable for vegans!


x2 Jamu Wild Water (250ml) Ve, GF, Zero Sugar

x3 Creative Nature Bar – Ve, GF, Nut Free, Top 14 Allergens Safe

Two Farmers Salt and Vinegar Herefordshire Hand-cooked Crisps (40g) Ve, GF, Plastic Free

Angelic Double Chocolate Plant Based Cookies (125g) Ve, GF, Top 14 Allergens Free

Angelic Multi Seed Plant Based Savoury Biscuits (142g) Ve, GF, Top 14 Allergens Safe