Our commitment to sustainability at EZ Hampers extends beyond eco-friendly packaging and products. To us, sustainability also means supporting local and global charities, helping them to aid people, animals and the environment. This is why we’re celebrating this International Day of Charity 2023, established in 2012 by the United Nations to raise awareness of all the charitable projects set up around the world. Despite being a small business, we’re committed to incorporating charitable efforts into our core mission. We strive to do this by working with organisations that share our passion for helping others. Each year, we select a number of charities to fundraise for, through our open days, raffle tickets and Christmas fairs. Previously, we’ve raised funds for charities such as Cash4Kids, Save The Children and Dogs4Rescue.


Did you know?:

Australians are statistically the most generous people out of every country, with ⅓ of Australians reporting they volunteer and ⅔ of Australians donate money or help a stranger each month. 


When we’re not fundraising for specific charities, we’re sourcing products for our gift hampers from businesses that also give back to people and the planet. We provide our customers with the opportunity to fill their hampers with products that make a positive impact. What could be a better gift? Below, we’ve highlighted some of our most loved products that also help to make the world a better place:


International Day of Charity 2023 in partnership with EZ Hampers

Fauna Beers

Fauna Beers brew deliciously vegan ales, beers and lager, inspired by endangered animals. They support the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, a charity which protects endangered species such as cheetahs, wild dogs and pangolins. With each beer purchase, Fauna Beers donate to the conservation of these animals. So far, their donations have enabled the rewilding of a pangolin, funded 100km of anti-poaching patrols, and provided two livestock guard dogs to prevent animal-human conflict.

Persie Distillery

Persie Distillery are award-winning spirit makers, who handcraft batches of flavourful gins and vodkas. They offer a collection of gins and vodkas which are dog and cat themed: Labrador Gin (traditional and mellow), Spaniel Gin (lively and spicy), Dachshund Gin Liqueur (sweet and sharp) and Pusscat Vodka. Persie Distillery makes regular donations to PADS dog rescue and Edinburgh Dog and Cats Home, giving £1 per bottle of gin or vodka to help rescue and rehome cats and dogs in Scotland. 

Grace Chocolates

Grace Chocolate are luxury chocolatiers, who create a variety of chocolate truffles, bars and uniquely shaped caramels. Based in Scotland, Grace Chocolate employs and educates women from the Scottish prison system, giving them a second chance at life after a criminal conviction. Through the Positive Changes programme, Grace Chocolate has changed the lives of over 70 women for the better. 

Vurchoo Jewellery

Made of 100% recycled silver and ethically sourced gemstones, Vurchoo Jewellery make beautifully unique earring designs. 10-25% of the proceeds of each style of earring goes towards the education of children in different countries such as Thailand, Guatemala and Zimbabwe. Vurchoo Jewellery donates these proceeds to the UK based charity Teach a Man to Fish. This charity works with educators and young people around the world to set up youth-led enterprises. The initiative empowers not only the children themselves, but also the communities they are a part of. Vurchoo Jewellery states that: “Every design supports education for those in need around the world. You have helped plant the seed of knowledge, a gift that will last a lifetime.”

Spice Kitchen

Spice Kitchen is a family-run, artisanal spice company who produce the highest quality seasonings to bring your cooking to the next level. They support the Karma Curry Movement, who are working to tackle human trafficking in India. They also donate spices and food parcels to the Whitechapel Centre for people experiencing homelessness, fundraise for Curry For Change who target hunger in Asia and Africa and support the Akshaya Patra Foundation who donate school meals in India. In addition to this, they also hire seamstresses from disadvantaged backgrounds to make their sustainable fabric packaging.