Gift giving is a cherished tradition that brings joy and connection between people. However, it often comes with a not so environmentally friendly outcome. That’s why at EZ Hampers, we do things differently- we understand that gifts can be both eco-friendly and meaningful. This month we’re celebrating International Recycling Week, as it serves as a reminder that each of us has a role to play in preserving our planet. By incorporating sustainable habits into our daily lives and our gift-giving habits, we can each do our bit to protect the environment. One way of ensuring that our gift hampers are kind to the planet is by choosing packaging and products that are easily recyclable. However, our dedication to recycling goes far beyond this:


  1. We’ve ditched plastic packaging in favour of cardboard or wicker containers that can be repurposed or are widely recyclable. 
  2. We also only stock products that can be recycled at home or at your local recycling centre.
  3. We take local donations of empty alcohol bottles, coffee tins and old teacups and transform them into heavenly scented candles!
  4. We often reuse packaging from parcels from our suppliers, and reuse paper by shredding it and using it to cushion the products in our gift hampers.
  5. At EZ Hampers headquarters, we recycle our own waste responsibly using our recycling facilities. 
  6. We make sure that all of our product suppliers also prioritise recycling within their product production. 

Did you know?: The U.K produces approximately 26 million tonnes of rubbish every year, but only recycles 12 million tonnes.

Recyclable Gift Hampers


This International Recycling Week, we invite you to embrace a more sustainable approach to gift-giving. By choosing a gift hamper where nothing will go to waste, you’ll help to reduce the amount of rubbish polluting our world. Below, we’ve listed four our favourite gift hampers that feature products with 100% recyclable packaging: 

spuds and soda hamper - x3 gunna lemonades and x3 two farmers

Spuds & Soda Hamper

X3 Gunna Lemonades – Raspberry Lemonade, Mint Lemonade & Tropical Lemonade (330ml) Ve, GF

X3 Two Farmers Crisps – Handcooked, 100% Compostable Packaging (40g) Cheese and Onion – V, GF. Lightly Salted – Ve, GF. Salt and Cider Vinegar – Ve, GF.


Vegan? Dairy Free? No worries just put a note in your order and we will substitute the Cheese and Onion Crisps for a vegan flavour.

HIP POP Kombucha Hamper


Strawberry & Pineapple Kombucha (330ml) Ve, GF

Apple & Elderflower Kombucha (330ml) Ve, GF

Blueberry & Ginger (330ml) Ve, GF

Ginger & Yuzu (330ml) Ve, GF

Erin's Picks for the Christmas Movie Night in
Gabby's Picks for her Christmas Movie Night in

Bee Happy Honey Hamper

Vurchoo Studs of Hope Bumble Bee Stud Earrings (Available in gold or silver) 

Yellow ‘Be Happy’ Glass Nail File

TEMPRD Dark Chocolate and Honeycomb Little Bar (95g) Ve (not certified but only contains soy)- Decadent 55% dark chocolate blended with delightful crunchy honeycomb

Niche Cocktails Manuka Honey Whisky Sour (150ml) V, GF