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At the stroke of midnight on the 1st of November, our Christmas elves make their annual return to the EZ Hampers offices to get ready for the festive season. This year, the elves have been busy curating a range of seasonal goodies for our Christmas gift hampers, some new and some old favourites from last year! To get our blog readers into the festive spirit, we’ve decided to share some of our new winter products for 2023 that are coming very, very soon. 

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Our new winter products 2023

New winter products 2023

Preston’s Eggnog

They say: “Bringing you a gorgeous creamy blend with a carefully balanced mixed spirit, with dashes of cinnamon to finish, Preston’s Original Eggnog® truly is a treat and the ultimate version of this worldwide festive favourite. Our ingredients are locally sourced produce and ALL dairy provisions are fully pasteurised.”

EZ Hampers says: “We absolutely love Preston’s Eggnog! They’re a local, family-run business with beautiful packaging and decadently delicious eggnog. Preston’s Eggnog offers a fantastic selection of flavours, such as Chocolate, Mint Chocolate and Original. They also have a range of Veggnog, which is perfect for all vegans and people with egg or dairy allergies!”

Hawkens Gingerbread

They say: “Hawkens Gingerbread is an artisan producer of high-quality gingerbread products, including both our Hawkens Gingerbread and England’s oldest commercially traded biscuit: Grantham Gingerbread. Alastair Hawken saved Grantham Gingerbread from becoming confined to the history books when they learned that the production of the biscuit for which their town had always been famous for, had fallen out of production.”

EZ Hampers says: “Hawkens Gingerbread make excellently spiced gingerbread men, and a variety of festively shaped ginger biscuits. Their gingerbread men recipe gives us a pang of nostalgia, reminding us of the magic of eating a gingerbread man as a child during the holiday season! As well as their traditional gingerbread, Hawkens also offer an array of different flavours such as Italian Lemon and Chocolate Orange.”

Save the Turtles Hamper
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Happi Oat Milk Chocolate

They say: “Made using single origin 47% Colombian cacao and oat milk, our lip-smacking bars taste deliciously smooth and creamy. As we like to say, ‘We’ve got all the Ooo without the Moo’. Our supply chain is incredibly important to us and so we buy our Cacao directly from Colombian farmers, who Gavin has personally visited. This farm-to-bar method means we know who grows our chocolate and can guarantee that we are paying a fair price for it. No child or slave labour here, guaranteed.”

EZ Hampers says: “Happi Oat Milk Chocolate is one of the best alternatives to off the shelf, dairy-filled chocolate. They’re a fantastic gift option for any vegan or person with a dairy or gluten allergy. We also love that their packaging is recyclable AND compostable, and that their cocoa is ethically sourced. It doesn’t hurt that their tasty chocolate bars come in a number of flavours such as Peppermint, Gingerbread and Orange. Happi support Kids for Nature, a project to help protect the wildlife of Colombia by educating a group of Colombian children to become guardians of their ecosystem. ”

Beaut Natural

They say: “Introducing – Beaut Handcrafted, where the art of candle making meets the beauty of nature. Our exquisite candles, handcrafted with love, are made from natural soy wax and adorned with carefully selected dried botanicals. Indulge your senses with our selection of premium fragrances. From soothing chamomile and vanilla to invigorating peppermint and eucalyptus, our scents transport you to a realm of bliss and serenity.”

EZ Hampers says: “As well as being divinely scented, Beaut Natural’s candles scream luxury with their sleek outer packaging and attention to detail with their candle decorations. Their candles and wax melts are made of vegan and cruelty-free soy wax, and they prioritise sustainability which is what we always like to hear at EZ Hampers!”

Save the Turtles Hamper
New winter products 2023 - cradoc's savoury biscuits

Cradoc’s Crackers

They say: “We bake crackers for the love of cheese. Cradoc’s Crackers marry well with fine artisan cheeses. When you take time to select a special cheese it’s important to choose a cracker which will step up to the occasion! We hope you enjoy these savoury bakes made just for you – there is singing and dancing, laughter and love baked into every snap!”

EZ Hampers says: “Cradoc’s Crackers are quite simply the most delicious Welsh crackers around! They have a number of plant-based options such as their Oat Crackers and Lemongrass, Coconut and Chilli Crackers, and are palm-oil, nut and egg free. We also love that they support local Welsh businesses by buying locally from small businesses like Himal, a Gurkha Community Store and by employing artists from the local area to design their packaging.”