Today is possibly one of our favourite celebrations here at EZ Hampers – Pancake Day!

What’s better than indulging in a sweet treat just before Lent? Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is the day before Ash Wednesday (The first day of Lent). The exact date of Pancake Day changes each year. However, the holiday is always 47 days before Easter, and always on a Tuesday.

The day is observed by many Christians, and used as a way to use up ingredients such as sugar, eggs and milk which are typically not eaten during Lent. The holiday has developed over time and now many other luxuries are being given up for Lent, such as alcohol, chocolate and social media. Even those who aren’t religious often whip up a few pancakes on Pancake Day and take part in the tradition of giving up something for Lent. 

Did you know?: Shrove Tuesday is known as Pancake Day in the UK, Ireland, and Australia. Whereas, in other countries the day is known as CarnivalFetetirsdag and Mardi Gras

Gift hampers for those giving up…

Giving up something for Lent this year, or know someone who is? Why not treat yourself or others by giving them a hamper filled with an alternative to their favourite guilty pleasure? Below, we’ve listed some common things people give up for Lent, and what we’d suggest as healthy replacements.

Alcohol for Lent: Highball Mocktail Hamper

Our Highball Mocktail Hamper offers an assorted range of alcohol-free cocktails inspired by popular bar drinks, for those who don’t drink but still want the taste of a G&T or Italian Spritz!


X4 Highball Mocktails. Flavours available include: Classic G&T, Cosmopolitan, Ginger Dram, Italian Spritz, Mojito and Pink G&T.

Crisps for Lent: Punchy Snack Hamper

The Punchy Snack Hamper is a great gift for anyone giving up crisps for Lent. Cheeky P’s are a super tasty alternative to crisps which are often higher in saturated fats and salt. Cheeky P’s are also high in protein and fibre, making them the perfect gym snack! 


Holiday Romance Punchy Peach Ginger & Chai (250ml) Ve, GF

First Dip Punchy Cucumber Yuzu Rosemary (250ml) Ve, GF

Golden Hour Punchy Blood Orange, Bitters & Cardamom (250ml) Ve, GF

Lip-Smacking Cheese Cheeky P’s (40g) Ve, GF

Punchin’ Chilli & Lime Cheeky P’s (40g) Ve, GF

Smokin’ Bar-B-Que Cheeky P’s (40g) Ve, GF

Chocolate/Sweets for Lent: Natural Snacks & Drinks Hamper

Pancake Day

Want to treat yourself to something sweet, but have given up chocolate or sweets for Lent? Our Natural Snacks & Drinks Hamper contains a selection of Creative Nature Bars, which are great alternatives to your average chocolate bar. Jamu Wild Waters and Nuisance Drinks are also fantastic sources of sweetness without the excess of sugar!


Jamu Wild Water- Orange and Lemon X2

Nuisance Drinks- Mint, Cucumber and Chilli, and Wild Bramble and Rosemary X2

Creative Nature Bars- Carrot Cake, Spiced Apple and Bursting Berry X3

Meat for Lent: Vegan Starter Kit Hamper

Pancake Day

If you’re looking to give up meat, look no further than our Vegan Starter Kit to get you started on your plant-based journey. 


Jamu Wild Water Sparkling Lemon Drink

Angelic Free From Multi Seed Plant Based Savoury Crackers

Boundless Turmeric and Smoked Paprika Seeds & Nuts

Pips Garlic & Herb Butterless Butter

Pips Welsh Wonder Cascheese

Coffee for Lent: Doggie Tea Time Hamper

Pancake Day

Our Doggie Tea Time Hamper is one of our many hampers that works to support the charity Dogs4Rescue. Every one of these hampers that are purchased will have 10% of the purchase price donated to the charity. This gift hamper is also perfect for those who want to reduce their caffeine intake this Lent.


X2 Dog Mugs

New English Teas Breakfast Teas x10 Bags

New English Teas Pure Camomile x10 Bags

x3 Twist Teas