Happy St Patrick’s Day 2023!

Each year, St Patrick’s Day 2023 celebrated on the 17th of March, honours the day St Patrick died. Despite St Patrick being the patron saint of Ireland, he only came to Ireland in the 5th Century. Historians differ in opinion on where he was born, though the popular consensus is that he was born in Roman Britain. He is known for his conversion of many Irish people to Christianity, as well as driving all of the ‘snakes’ out of Ireland. However, scientists have highlighted that have been no snakes in Ireland since the last ice age. It’s more likely that the ‘snakes’ were an allegory for pagans in Ireland at the time. To find out more about St. Patrick’s Day click here.

Celebrations of St Patrick’s Day vary across the globe, although traditionally feature the colour green, shamrocks and lots of alcohol! Despite taking place during Lent, restrictions on food and alcohol are lifted for the day. As a result, drinks such as Irish Whisky, Guinness and Irish beers are drunk throughout the celebration. 

Did you know?: The Chicago River is dyed bright green for St Patrick’s Day! The tradition originated more than fifty years ago, and occurs each year before or on St Patrick’s Day. The river was originally dyed with fluorescein, but the Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of the dye as it was harmful to the environment. Thankfully, the river is now dyed each year with powdered vegetable dyes, which have been verified as safe for the environment.

Our ‘Green as a Shamrock’ Hampers

Lime Green Hamper


Vurchoo Earrings Studs of Hope- Thailand

H2K Botanicals Sea Kelp Shower Gel with Aloe Vera Organic Lifestyle Collection (100ml) Ve 

X2 Twist Teas Propermint Tea Bags (Organic, Ve, B-Corp Certified, Kosher)

Niche Brazilian Lime Margarita (250ml) Ve, GF

Bailey’s Hamper

Our Bailey’s Hamper contains the perfect treats for any Baileys cream liqueur lover:


Chocolate Covered Caramels (90g)

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz (135g) Butter biscuit with milk chocolate (52%) and an Irish cream liqueur flavoured cream filling (12%)

x3 Mini Baileys including – Orange Truffle Flavour, The Original and with a hint of Coffee Flavour (50ml)

Irish Coffee Hamper

St Patrick's Day Irish Coffee Hamper


‘You are the bees knees’ Large Mug

x2 Jocelyn & Co. Cocoa Shortbread (28.35g)

x3 Lyons Go-Joe Coffee Bags 

x3 West Cork Blended Irish Whiskey (5cl)

Green Alcohol Hamper

St Patrick's Day Green Alcohol Hamper 


x3 Niche Cocktails in the flavours: Matcha Mojito, Brazilian Lime Margarita, and Lemon & Elderflower Gin Fizz (250ml) GF, Ve

Two Brooks Lime Cooler Hard Seltzer (250ml) Ve, GF and No Added Sugar

x2 Artisan Drinks Co. Amalfi Lime Tonics

Persie Labrador Gin (5cl)

Sir Robin of Locksley Gin (5cl) Ve

Ales & Whisky Hamper

St Patrick's Day Ales and Whiskey Hamper


x2 West Cork Blended Irish Whiskey (5cl)

x3 Hilden Brewing Company Equilibrium Ales: Session IPA 3, Pale Ale 1, and Pale Ale 3.

The Green Hamper 

St Patrick's Day Green Hamper


Boundless Activated Snacking Chipotle & Lime Activated Chips (23g) Ve, GF or Naturally Delicious Brown Bag Crisps West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and Onion (40g) V, GF, Suitable for Coeliacs

Dirty Cow Pistachi-yo! Plant-Based Chocolate (80g) Ve, GF

iLoveSnacks Natural Italian Olives

x2 HipPop Apple & Elderflower Kombucha 

x4 Creative Nature Bars in Spiced Apple and Carrot Cake 40g) Ve, GF, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Palm Oil Free, 39% Less Sugar, Top 14 Allergens Safe, Kosher, Halal.