In a world where we’re increasingly more aware of our personal environmental impact, we understand that the choices we make as consumers will no doubt have an impact on the future of the planet. As part of our initiative to make EZ Hampers as sustainable as possible, we’ve curated a range of locally made products for our gift hampers. It is so important to EZ Hampers that we are supporting local business. We’re proud to be a Manchester-based business, and believe in fostering a community spirit by collaborating with fellow Mancunian businesses. 


So, why buy locally? There’s so many benefits to buying from companies in your surrounding area, from protecting the natural world to aiding communities. Below, we’ve listed our top four reasons for shopping in your local area (including gift-shopping!)

How does supporting local business make an impact?

1.) It reduces your carbon footprint

Having products shipped across the country and even across the world increases the amount of carbon emissions we’re releasing into our atmosphere. A lower carbon footprint from buying locally helps fight climate change. 

2.) It helps support your local community

By buying from local sellers, you’re putting business and money back into the community, and supporting people’s livelihoods. 

3.) It gets you the freshest products

When purchasing from a small business that’s right around the corner, you’re provided with a certain level of freshness that you just can’t get if it’s travelled across the UK. 

4.) Products are unique and high-quality

 Often small, local businesses produce higher quality products due to the dedication artisan sellers put into their craft. More time and care is put into making unique products that stand out against their larger competitors. 

Love Raw

Love Raw is a plant-based chocolate business based in Altrincham, who produce tasty, palm oil-free products that are the perfect gift for any vegan or lactose-free person in your life. They’re also B-Corp certified, and are proud to be a POC woman-owned business! Their goal is to make fantastic vegan chocolate that tastes just as good as other brands on the market, without the dairy. 

Azra Creations

Azra Creations is a small business based in Manchester that handcrafts heavenly scented soaps, candles and wax melts. Each product is made of and fragranced with natural, vegan ingredients which aren’t tested on animals! Faria Arsh, founder of Azra Creations, is also a proud mum to her daughter with autism, and has just written and published her first book, ‘Toilet Training for Autistic & SEND Children and Adults’. 


Grüum is a sustainable skincare and haircare company established in Stockport, that creates 100% plastic-free products that actually work! With a majority of their products being vegan and all their products being cruelty-free, Grüum considers the environmental impact their products may have. They make products suitable for all hair and skin types, and have even made their products travel friendly! 

Manchester Union Lager

Manchester Union Lager are a Mancunian brewery, and in their own words are ‘Manchester’s first and only dedicated craft lager brewery in Ardwick’. Using traditional, UK-based brewing techniques, Manchester Union Lager creates delicious, boldly flavoured lagers. They even have a tap-room, which opens once a week for those curious about tasting their lagers! Packaged in metal cans, their lager is widely recyclable. 

Want to be apart of supporting local business? Or are you a part of a sustainable, Manchester-based business, and would like to be stocked in our gift hampers? Get in touch with our team at: