Saving the world, one gift hamper at a time: Sustainability at EZ Hampers

At EZ Hampers, sustainability is at the heart of our company. As well as providing the world with our unique and handmade gift hampers, we also strive to protect the planet through our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle as a business. Here are a few of these efforts thus far:

Plastic-free packaging

Did you know?: Plastic can take thousands of years to fully break down. However, these microplastics can then get into the environment, and may cause physical and toxicological harm to organisms.

We try to use as little as plastic as possible in the packaging and shipment of our gift hampers.

Each of our hampers comes in a biodegradable cardboard box, or a reusable wicker basket. These hampers are then wrapped in more biodegradable paper and tied with natural string, a more eco-friendly and sustainable option to regular plastic options! We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the sustainability of our gift hamper packaging.

From Cocktail to Candle 

One of our ideas to promote sustainability at Ez Hampers is our Cocktail to Candle scheme. We currently sell cocktail jars in a number of flavours such as piña colada, old fashioned, Long Island ice teas and many more! We encourage our customers to bring in their empty cocktail jars, and we repurposed them into candles to pop into our gift hampers. As well as cocktail jars, we also re-purpose coffee tins into coffee scented candles!

Seed paper

Each of our orders now comes with seed paper, which when dampened with water and placed in soil can grow local wildflowers. Flowers are exceptionally important to the planet, as they support the ecosystem in thriving, especially in your back garden!

As well as doing our bit for the environment, we strive to stock products from local brands that prioritise sustainability like us. Here are just a few of our favourite eco-friendly brands available to purchase in our hampers:

Bettyhula Nourishing Antibacterial Hand Moisturisers 

Bettyhula is a UK based brand located in Yorkshire that create natural skincare products using traditional techniques and the finest quality, natural ingredients, laced with a selection of delicious and exotic Hawaiian inspired scents.​ Many of their products are made of recyclable materials such as glass. For example, their nourishing antibacterial hand moisturisers now come packaged in tubes made out of sugar cane, which biodegrade much quicker than regular plastic packaging! The hand moisturisers come in three heavenly scents: Champagne & Spice, Rum & Blackcurrant and Lime & Mango.

Bettyhula’s nourishing anti-bacterial hand cream is available to purchase in our ‘Bettyhula Beauty Hamper’.

Two Farmers Crisps

Based in Herefordshire, Two Brother Crisps tout their status as the UK’s first 100% compostable and plastic free packaging crisps brand. They strive to use locally sourced ingredients, such as Hereford Hop cheese and onions grown on their own farm. We currently stock four flavours: Lightly Salted, Salt and Cider Vinegar, Hereford Hop Cheese and Onion, and Woodland Mushroom and Wild Garlic.

Two Farmer Crisps are available to purchase in many of our gift hampers, such as our ‘Plastic Free Crisp and Beer Hamper’.

Gunna Drinks

Gunna drinks offer a wide variety of lemonades that come in recyclable metal cans, available in five flavours: lemonade with a hint of mint, tropical lemonade, ginger lemonade, raspberry lemonade, and lime lemonade. Their drinks also happen to be the most carbon negative craft soft drink company. They do this by ensuring their production site uses 100% renewable energy- they have also been awarded a lean and green star, meaning their transport emission is 20% lower than the industry average. On top of this, Gunna drinks have Invested in three carbon reduction projects with wider social benefits, and pledged to invest in more in the future.

Gunna drinks are available to purchase in a number of our hampers, such as the ‘Gunna and Snacks Hamper’.

Nourish organic strawberry coconut bites and cacao coconut bites 

Some of our favourite Nourish products are their organic coconut macaroons, which we have in cocoa and strawberry. Each bag of macaroons comes in 100% compostable packaging, that degrades quicker than normal plastic packaging! Nourish also have a waste free kitchen and recycle up to 90% all waste produced by their kitchen and office facilities. As well as in their own business practices, Nourish help the planet by donating 10% net profits from every sale to Water for good, a charity that provides clean water to communities in the Central African Republic.

Both Nourish products are available for purchase in our ‘Alcohol Free Hamper’.

Jamu Wild Water

Jamu Wild Water ensures their product packaging is fully recyclable, such as in their Wild Waters, available in the flavours: sparkling raspberry, sparkling lemon and sparkling blood orange. They strive to have an ethical supply chain in the production of their products and, like their namesake, are rewilding the landscape by donating 10% of their profits to rewilding projects and charities. Ultimately Jamu Wild Water aims to achieve net zero emissions and to switch to even more sustainable packaging.

Jamu Wild Water is available to purchase from our website in the ‘Kosher Snack Hamper’.


Temprd use local ingredients in the Essex countryside to create their chunky chocolate such as Maldon sea salt, as well as the designing of their packaging and promo materials. The company also ensure that they buy their cocoa from Rainforest Alliance verified farms. In addition to their ingredients, they’re taking the initiative to remove single use plastic from their supply chain, including making their chocolate packaging 100% recyclable!

Temprd chocolate is available to purchase in many of our hampers, such as the ‘Seltzer and Chocolate Hamper’.