Whether you’re team coffee, a staunch tea drinker or just a caffeine addict, we have the hamper for you. Our coffee and tea hampers are some of our most popular hampers to date here at EZ Hampers. It’s not hard to see why, as we offer a variety of flavours and blends to suit different taste buds. We have countless hampers available, from our Irish Coffee Hamper, to our tea and biscuits selection. As well as our website range of tea and coffee hampers, we also offer custom gift hampers. If your gift recipient is a hot drinks lover and you want to get them something that bit more special, we have you covered.

Looking to build the perfect hot drinks gift hamper but don’t know where to start? Look no further than our tea or coffee gift hamper guide on the essentials for the ideal pick-me-up present! 

Tea or Coffee Essentials


  • Teas – Our fantastic collection of high quality, sustainably sourced teas include black, green, and herbal teas. We have a wide assortment of flavours and blends to suit different tastes, from fruity iced teas to your favourite breakfast brew. 
  • Coffees – A selection of coffee beans or instant coffee are a must in a coffee lover hamper. We offer a range of roasts and flavours, such as medium roast, dark roast or even decaf coffee. 
  • Accessories – A tea or coffee gift hamper wouldn’t be complete without some essentials. Consider including items such as tea infusers, mugs or coasters. 
  • Treats – To round things off, we also suggest having a few nibbles to enjoy with your beverage of choice. These may include biscuits, chocolates or flapjacks. 

Did you know?: According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey on the UK’s most consumed drinks, tea and coffee were tied as the number one favourite drink at 63% each.

Tea or Coffee Hampers

Christmas Movie night hamper - containing 2 vegan popcorns from popcorn shed called toasted marshmallow and christmas pudding. As well as two gunna lemonades and a cookies with no cream chocolate bar

Don’t Worry Bee Happy Hamper

x2 Bee Happy Mugs

Jack Berry’s Raw Multifloral Honey (370g) V – Jack Berry™ Multifloral Honey is derived from the nectar of many different plants and flowers gathered during a particular time of the year.  Therefore it can vary in taste, colour and strength depending on the endless floral variations.  This honey has a strong floral taste and can be used to sweeten natural yoghurt, drinks, cakes or simply to replace cane sugar with a more natural option.

New English Teas Manchester Tin English Breakfast Tea 40 Teabags

Movie Night hamper

Popcorn Hamper

Popcorn Shed collection of their latest flavours:

Classic Caramel (16g) Ve, GF

Millionaire Shortbread (16g) V

Berry-licious (16g) V, GF

Cookies & Cream (16g) V

Chocolate Orange (16g) Ve, GF

White Chocolate (16g) V, GF

Gabby's Picks for her Christmas Movie Night in

Doggie Tea Time Hamper

Our Doggie Tea Time Hamper is one of our many hampers that works to support the charity Dogs4Rescue. Every one of these hampers that are purchased will have 10% of the purchase price donated to the charity.


Dog Mugs

New English Teas Breakfast Teas x10 Bags

New English Teas Pure Camomile x10 Bags

x3 Twist Teas

Gabby's Picks for her Christmas Movie Night in

The Corny Cat Hamper

Dreamers’ Popcorn Hand Popped All things Sweet & Salty (40g) Ve

Cat Mug

Twentyfour Seven Twist Teas Tea Bag

Summer Berries Twist Teas Tea Bag

Classic Earl Twist Teas Tea Bag

Jocelyn & Co. Cocoa Shortbread (28.35g) V – Rich cocoa cookies with the perfect pinch of salt

Mr Popple’s Chocolate Signature Seventy Deep & Indulgent (35g) Ve, GF, Top 14 Allergens Free

Gabby's Picks for her Christmas Movie Night in

Irish Coffee Hamper

‘You’re the Bees Knees’ Mug

Jocelyn & Co. Cocoa Shortbread (50oz) x2 

West Cork Blended Irish Whisky Bourbon Cask (5cl) x3 

Lyons Coffee Bag No.3 Rich & Full Bodied x3