Happy Veganuary 2024! Last year, we published our first Veganuary blog post, addressing queries about veganism and the environmental and health benefits of the diet. This year, we’re back to support individuals deciding to take part in Veganuary, as well as the people who live a plant-based lifestyle all year round. This January, we’ve curated a new collection of gift hampers that are entirely vegan and a great way to ease into Veganuary! For those unacquainted with veganism, we’ve made a list of things people often get wrong about having a plant-based diet:

Did you know?: Going vegan helps save on water usage! According to research, a vegan diet helps to reduce a person’s overall water consumption by over 50%!

Misconceptions about Veganism

Vegan food lacks the necessary nutrients and proteins to stay healthy – Vegans have access to a range of food products that contain high amounts of vitamins, fibre and health benefits. People with plant-based diets can get their protein from sources like beans, lentils, seitan and mycoproteins.

Veganism is a modern trend – Veganism dates back thousands of years to approximately 3300 BCE, and has existed in a range of cultures such as Ancient India. Veganism was also backed by many Ancient Greek and Indian philosophers such as Pythagoras, Empedocles and Parshvanatha.

Being vegan is expensive – Vegan diets are often less expensive due to the lack of meat, eggs and dairy products purchased. Whilst some processed vegan products can be more expensive, there are many more affordable options today.

Vegans only care about animals Many vegans follow a vegan diet not only to reduce animal suffering, but to also reduce the negative environmental impact of the meat and dairy industries on the land that communities of people live on. In addition to this, not every vegan has gone plant-based because of their love for animals. Many people go vegan for the health benefits of a balanced vegan diet.

Veganism is always healthy – Like with any diet, a vegan diet needs to be balanced. Whilst eating oreos and plant-based sausage rolls may be vegan, you won’t be getting all the nutrients you need! Eating only junk food, even if it doesn’t contain any animal byproducts, isn’t healthy.

Veganism only applies to food – Whilst some vegans may only apply the principle to their diet, many others apply their veganism to their lifestyle. This may include not buying leather or fur clothing items, not using products that have been tested on animals, and living their life in a way that minimises harm to animals and the planet.

Vegan food doesn’t taste good There’s now more tasty plant-based options than ever at your local supermarket, takeaway and restaurant! Plus, lots of the products we already eat are naturally vegan like fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains!

Our Veganuary 2024 Hampers 

spuds and soda hamper - x3 gunna lemonades and x3 two farmers

Vegan Snacks & Cheese Hamper

x2 Two Farmers Crisps – Woodland Mushroom and Wild Garlic & Lightly Salted

Mr Popple’s Chocolate Creamy Mylk Smooth & Silky (35g) Ve, GF, Top 14 Allergens Free

Mr Popple’s Chocolate Signature Seventy Deep & Indulgent (35g) Ve, GF, Top 14 Allergens Free

Angelic Rosemary & Sea Salt Savoury Biscuits (142g) Ve, GF, DF, NF, Top 14 allergens safe

Christmas Spice Vegan Soy Wax Candle

Pips Creamy Cranberry Cascheese – Ve and Palm Oil Free

iLoveSnacks Fava Crisps Sea Salt & Black Pepper – Ve, GF, GMO Free

iLoveSnacks Almonds Roasted & Smoked – Ve, GF, GMO Free

Jolly Veggnog Hamper

Preston’s Mint Chocolate Eggnog (70cl) V or Preston’s Mint Chocolate Veggnog (70cl) Ve (Simply specify which you’d prefer in your order notes, if not we will assume veggnog in keeping with the vegan hamper)

EZ Hampers Vegan Sweets

Love Raw 2 Vegan White Chocolate Cre&m Wafer Bars (44g) Ve

Happi Oat Milk Chocolate Library – Happi bestselling bars all packaged together in a cute library-style gift box. Includes:

  • Plain M!lk Bar (80g)
  • Salted Caramel (80g)
  • Orange (80g)
  • White Raspberry (80g)

Grace Chocolates Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Save the Turtles Hamper
Gabby's Picks for her Christmas Movie Night in

Preston’s Eggnog & Veggnog


Our individual Preston’s Eggnog hampers are perfect for someone looking for a simple but delicious treat this Christmas. All taste tested and approved by the team these eggnogs are the perfect way to celebrate the festive season this year. Vegan? Don’t worry you won’t be left out. You can enjoy the beloved Chocolate Veggnog and Mint Chocolate Veggnog. Choose from the following:

Original Eggnog (70cl) V

Chocolate Eggnog (70cl) V

Chocolate Veggnog (70cl) Ve

Mint Chocolate Eggnoog (70cl) V

Mint Chocolate Veggnog (70cl) Ve