At EZ Hampers, we’re committed to working with other businesses that prioritises sustainability and an ethical production process. We’re happy to announce we now stock Vurchoo Sustainable Jewellery, including earrings from the Studs of Hope collection. These unique and minimalist style earrings are now available in our gift hampers. Perfect as a memento for a travelling experience from one of the many countries Vurchoo Sustainable Jewellery aids, or simply to support a good cause. Below are the earrings we have available (click on the image to take you to the related hamper):

Bumble Bee Stud Earrings (Available in gold or silver) – Helping children in poverty in the UK

Bumble Bee Stud Earrings Gold Vurchoo Sustainable Jewellery

Bumble Bee Stud Earrings Silver Vurchoo Sustainable Jewellery

Gold Labradorite Droplet Stud Earrings- Helping children in Thailand

Gold Labradorite Droplet Stud Earrings Vurchoo Sustainable Jewellery


Moonstone Squares Earrings- Helping children in Rwanda

Moonstone Squares Earrings Vurchoo Sustainable Jewellery

Nazca Lines Mandala Stud Earrings- Helping children in Peru

Nazca Lines Mandala Stud Earrings Vurchoo Sustainable Jewellery

Silver Textile Earrings- Helping children in Uganda

Silver Textile Earrings Vurchoo Sustainable Jewellery


Door Knocker Stud Earrings- Helping children in Bangladesh

Silver and Turquoise Stud Earrings- Helping children in Nepal

Cubic Rainbow Stud Earrings-Helping children in Guatemala


Minimalist Movement Onyx earrings- Helping children in Zimbabwe


Gold Contemporary Enamel Arch Stud Earrings- Helping children in Somalia

Made of 100% recycled silver (925, hypoallergenic) and ethically sourced gemstones. 10-25% of the proceeds of each style of earring goes towards the education of children in different countries such as Thailand, Guatemala and Zimbabwe. Vurchoo Jewellery donate these proceeds to the UK based charity Teach a Man to Fish. This charity works with educators and young people around the world to set up youth-led enterprises.

The initiative empowers not only the children themselves, but also the communities they are a part of. Vurchoo Jewellery states that: “Every design supports education for those in need around the world. You have helped plant the seed of knowledge, a gift that will last a lifetime.”

The founder and designer of Vurchoo, Alex Angel-Benscher, started the company in 2015 after having spent 14 months travelling to different countries across the globe. Whilst in Cambodia, the idea which grew into Vurchoo Jewellery was sparked when he saw children creating and selling their own items to survive. Using his creative background as a graffiti artist and his desire to empower young people, he set about working with the children to design pieces of jewellery, inspired by their story and culture.

Not only do Vurchoo aim to fight against the unethical production of jewellery, they also prioritise sustainability with the Studs of Hope collection packaging now being 100% recyclable.