This Saturday, EZ Hampers will be celebrating World Cancer Day! World Cancer Day is a global event held every year on the 4th of February. The aim of World Cancer Day is to educate the public on cancer, which includes raising awareness of how to spot signs for different types of cancer. The day is also used to target misinformation about the disease, educating others on how cancer can be treated and to help reduce the stigma of being diagnosed with cancer.  The event was first set up in Paris at the World Cancer Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium in 2000.

Whilst not all forms of cancer are preventable, World Cancer Day resources educate on how to reduce your risk of developing certain forms of cancer. Making healthy lifestyle choices such as: not smoking, limiting your intake of alcohol, exercising regularly and protecting your skin from UV rays can all reduce your likelihood of developing cancer. These lifestyle changes are also incredibly important for cancer survivors post-treatment for the disease. 

Every few years, organisers of World Cancer Day choose a theme for World Cancer Day. The theme for 2022 to 2024 is ‘Close the care gap’. This theme focuses on the disparity between access to services for people diagnosed with cancer due to factors such as age, ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic factors, and how to overcome these access issues. 

Did you know?: Many cities have begun supporting World Cancer Day by lighting up landmarks in the World Cancer Day colours- orange and blue. In 2019, approximately 55 landmarks including the Palace of Westminster were lit up to commemorate the event.

Healthy Gift Hampers

Want to send a care package to a loved one currently fighting cancer, or in recovery? EZ Hampers has an assortment of healthy snack gift hampers that are great options to show that  you’re thinking of someone. Have something in particular in mind? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to arrange a consultation with myself to create a custom gift hamper. 

Allergen Free Hamper

Every product in this hamper is Top 14 Allergens Free!


x2 Jamu Wild Water (250ml) Ve, GF, Zero Sugar

x3 Creative Nature Bar – Ve, GF, Nut Free, Top 14 Allergens Safe

Two Farmers Salt and Vinegar Herefordshire Hand-cooked Crisps (40g) Ve, GF, Plastic Free

Angelic Double Chocolate Plant Based Cookies (125g) Ve, GF, Top 14 Allergens Free

Angelic Multi Seed Plant Based Savoury Biscuits (142g) Ve, GF, Top 14 Allergens Safe

Natural Snacks & Drinks Hamper

The Natural Snacks & Drinks Hamper contains four of our best-selling flavours of Jamu WIld Water and Nuisance drinks, low-calorie botanical beverages that are healthier alternatives to mainstream soft drinks. The hamper also includes three Creative Nature Bars, which are excellent snacks for those who have food allergies as they’re top 14 allergen free!


X2 Jamu Wild Water- Orange and Lemon

X2 Nuisance Drinks- Mint, Cucumber and Chilli, and Wild Bramble and Rosemary

X3 Creative Nature Bars- Carrot Cake, Spiced Apple and Bursting Berry

Vegan Starter Kit Hamper


Vegan Starter Kit Hamper

Jamu Wild Water Sparkling Lemon Drink

Angelic Free From Multi Seed Plant Based Savoury Crackers

Boundless Turmeric and Smoked Paprika Seeds & Nuts

Pips Garlic & Herb Butterless Butter

Pips Welsh Wonder Cascheese

Boundless Hamper


x4 Boundless Nuts and Seeds (23g) Ve, DF, GF

x2 Boundless Activated Snacking Chips (80g) Ve, DF, GF

Tea and Candle Wellness Hamper


X4 Twinings Tea Bags

A scented candle – due to high demand of this product we may not be able to guarantee the exact candle that is shown on the image

X7 Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks of varying flavours