Happy Cocktail Day! The 13th of May each year marks World Cocktail Day, a day to celebrate all things fruity, fizzy or full-bodied. At EZ Hampers, we get a lot of gift requests for cocktail hampers for all sorts of occasions, from a day out in the sun to party celebrations. Cocktails can be any colour, flavour or even strength, so there’s certain to be a mixed drink for everyone! Discussing World Cocktail Day around the office, we found our favourite cocktails were Long Island Iced Teas, Blue Lagoons and Shirley Temples for a non-alcoholic option! 

Looking for a fun and unique way to enjoy cocktails from the comfort of your own home? Look no further than our cocktail hampers! Packed full of premium ingredients and expertly curated recipes, our cocktail hampers make it easy to taste delicious, bar-quality cocktails right in your own kitchen. One of the best things about cocktail hampers is their convenience. Instead of having to go out to a bar or restaurant to enjoy a high-quality cocktail, you can simply order a hamper online and have it delivered straight to your door.

In addition to their convenience, cocktail hampers are also great for experimentation. Our cocktail hampers come with a curated collection of cocktail cans or mocktail drinks that you can use as a starting point for trying new flavours or even creating your own mixes. With a variety of flavourings, you can be sure to find drinks that suit your taste and style.

Did you know?: The world record for the most cocktails made in a minute by Sheldon Wiley in 2013, who made 18 cocktails! In one hour, he was able to make 1,905 cocktails in one hour.

Cocktail Day Hampers

Whether you’re a mocktail or a cocktail enjoyer, we have a vast array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails for our hampers. Niche Cocktails have perfected their mixology skills to bring us 10 classic and unique flavours like Wild Strawberry Daiquiri, Brazilian Lime Margarita and Mocha Martini. For those who are alcohol-free, Highball Mocktails are the ultimate alternative to get that G&T taste without the hangover! 

Classic Niche Cocktail Hamper


Mocha Martini Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Blackberry Gin Bramble Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Matcha Mojito Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Brazilian Lime Margarita Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Fruity Sparkling Niche Cocktail Hamper


Blackberry Gin Bramble Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Pink Grapefruit Gin Fizz Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Raspberry Cosmo Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Wild Strawberry Daiquiri Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Highball Mocktail Hamper

Our Highball Mocktail Hamper offers an assorted range of alcohol-free cocktails inspired by popular bar drinks, for those who don’t drink but still want the taste of a G&T or Italian Spritz!


X4 Highball Mocktails. May include: Classic G&T, Pink G&T, Cosmopolitan, Ginger Dram, Italian Spritz and Mojito.

Green Alcohol Hamper


Brazilian Lime Margarita Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Matcha Mojito Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Lemon and Elderflower Gin Fizz Niche Cocktails (250ml) Ve, GF

Two Brooks Craft Hard Seltzer Lime Cooler (250ml) Ve, GF, No Added Sugar

Persie Labrador Gin (5cl) Ve, GF

Sir Robin of Locksley (5cl) Ve, GF

x2 Artisan Drinks Co. Amalfi Lime Tonic (200ml) Ve, GF

Pink Earrings & Cocktails Hamper


Vurchoo Studs of Hope Bumble Bee Stud Earrings (Available in gold or silver) – These versatile Gold Bumble Bee studs will add a touch of delicate sophistication to every look, from casual weekends to special occasions. Symbolising dedication, prosperity and fruitfulness, our honey bee design is perfect for your ears. Through our partnership with UK registered charity Teach a Man to Fish, with every stud design we sell, we give between 10-25% of profits to the charities they work with across the globe.

Love Heart Shaped Vegan Soap

Niche Cocktails Pink Grapefruit Gin Fizz (250ml) Ve, GF

Popcorn Shed Pink Gin (24g) Ve, GF

Bettyhula Lip Polish Champagne & Spice (15g) Ve, Cruelty Free 

Bettyhula Nourishing Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream Champagne & Spice (70ml) Ve, Cruelty Free, Sugar Cane Tube