Music is a universal language which unites people across the globe, of different cultures and experiences. It connects, entertains and inspires us. EZ Hampers is proud to celebrate World Music Day 2023, to appreciate music, musicians and the communities who love this art form! First held in 1981, the annual event was originally celebrated in France (cllick here to find out more) to encourage musicians to play in public and to allow the public free access to music. Now, World Music Day is commemorated throughout the UK and world still with a focus on diversity and access. 

Music also greatly improves our wellbeing, by lifting us up when we’re down and helping us relax after a difficult day. Whether we’re happy, sad or angry, our favourite album can help us to channel those feelings. Even making music through singing or playing an instrument can alleviate feelings of stress, or allow us to express ourselves creatively. Even in the workplace, playing music can boost productivity and bring work colleagues together to work more harmoniously. Sharing our music tastes with others can help to expand our interests, but also help us to find unlikely connections with others too. 

Did you know?: Music can actually help us deal with the physical sensation of pain. Studies have shown that listening to music during medical procedures helps patients to better manage their pain. Music has also been shown to be beneficial in the pain management of chronic pain conditions. 

As massive music fans and in honour of World Music Day 2023, the EZ Hampers team wanted to share their music opinions with our blog readers, to show the diversity of tastes within our office! Read below to find out about Erin’s obsession with Phil Collins: 


Favourite Song:

Lisa: Separate Lives by Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin

Erin: Against All Odds by Phil Collins

Gabby: EVIL by Melanie Martinez 

Favourite Artist:

Lisa: John Newman 

Erin: Phil Collins 

Gabby: Melanie Martinez 

Favourite Band:

Lisa: The Charlatans

Erin: The Black Keys

Gabby: Tame Impala 

Favourite Genre: 

Lisa: Rock

Erin: Indie

Gabby: Pop 

Favourite Era:

Lisa: The 80’s

Erin: The 60’s

Gabby: The 70’s

Favourite Album: 

Lisa: Like a Virgin by Madonna 

Erin: Brothers by The Black Keys 

Gabby: Electra Heart (Deluxe) by MARINA

Favourite Instrument:

Lisa: Flute 

Erin: Electric Guitar

Gabby: Violin