Each year on the 5th of December, World Soil Day is celebrated across the globe in order to bring awareness to the importance of the health of our soil, and to advocate for sustainable management of soil when farming. 

Facts about Soil

  • The international union of soil scientists have stated that the decade of 2015 to 2024 is the international decade of soil!

  • Soil simultaneously stores more carbon than our atmosphere, and also the soil in the UK stores approximately 130 trillion litres of water. 

  • There are more living creatures in a tablespoon of soil than there are people in the world!

In order to celebrate World Soil Day the workers at EZ Hampers have listed our favourite organic and soil grown products, all available to be purchased in our gift hampers. To find out more about World Soil Day click here

Yorkshire Crisps

World Soil Day - Yorkshire Crisps

They say: “Founded in 2005 by businessman and part-time farmer Ashley Turner, Yorkshire Crisps produces its award-winning produce in Wales Bar – a village between Sheffield and Rotherham. Our small, dedicated team is proud of its Yorkshire roots and creates deliciously addictive crisps and scrumptious popcorn using the finest local ingredients for people from far and wide.” 

We say: “Yorkshire Crisps are a local company based in Sheffield that sell their hand cooked crisps in unique tin packaging, which is great for keeping their crisps fresh and crunchy! The tins come fully packed, in comparison to crisp packets which are usually half air! We stock a delicious selection of flavours at EZ Hampers, such as cheddar & caramelised onion chutney, natural sea salt, and black pepper.”

Fruits of the Forage

World Soil Day Fruits of the forage

They say: “Fruits of the Forage make preserves, cordials and spirits with traditional heritage fruit and wild plants, capturing a unique and sustainable taste of the British landscape. Fruits of the Forage was born out of the desire to use the fruit and wild plants we found to create products for the community, showing people the potential in undervalued and often overlooked ingredients. Our home county, Cheshire, is best known as a dairy county, however in the past orchards provided important crops here. Small orchards across the county supplied rhubarb, pears, damsons, cooking apples and plums for market while pears and especially damsons were also used to dye cotton and silk spun in the mills across the region. On our endless search for fruit we found the remnants of these orchards and hedgerows, long neglected but still producing fruit.”

We say: “Fruits of the Forage are a wonderfully rustic business that makes a range of products from jams and chutneys, to liqueurs and cordials. They source all of their produce from hedgerows and orchards in the UK, from areas such as the North West, North Wales and West Midlands. They ensure that historic varieties of fruits and plants are still grown to preserve our heritage. For instance, in 2017 they started planting fruit trees in local communities and have managed to plant over 1000 trees so far. One of our favourite products is their raspberry and wild apple jam, as it has a sweet yet tart flavour which is lovely on a slice of toast!” 

Creative Nature 

World Soil Day Creative nature bar

They say: “When looking for the best easy snacks to pop in your lunchbox, kit bag or suitcase, finding the right treat to cater for your allergies can be tough, so we’ve made things easy for you! Our snack bars tick all the right boxes, providing you with a healthy nut free snacks that’s free from all the major food allergens in the UK. Vegan food can be misleading, with many brands adding ‘may contain milk or egg’, but not at Creative Nature as we have a wide range of nut free bars! Due to our impeccable allergy controls and BRC AA production facility, we guarantee no allergy cross contamination, meaning you can safely stick to your vegan diet, phew! The best dairy free snacks are the ones that work for you, your diet and your mental health, so reward yourself with these natural, allergy safe, vegetarian and vegan snacks.

We’ve Kosher certified all our products, making them inclusive for even more people.

You don’t just need to eat as a snack-on-the-go either, with these bars being incredibly versatile. Chop them up and sprinkle over dairy free ice-cream, porridge or natural yoghurt.”

We say: “The Creative Nature snack bars are a new product for us at EZ Hampers, but we absolutely love them! They’re an excellent snack if you’re vegan or have a limited diet due to allergies. The flavours we currently have available are: Super Salted Caramel, Spiced Apple, Bursting Berry Blend and Crazy Carrot Cake. Super Salted Caramel and Spiced Apple are also great sources of protein! Each bar is chocked full of sustainably sourced fruit and oats.”

5th Season 

5th Season

They say: “Are your kids begging for a sweet treat? We’ve got you (and your kids) covered. Getting in your recommended fruit ‘n’ veg can be difficult. Luckily our dried fruit bites are portion controlled, lightweight and naturally sweet, so you’ll be on your way to 5-a-day in no time!  Containing 80g of fresh fruit, all we do is remove the water so you busy bees can grab and go to satisfy sweet cravings (and those of your kids). 100% guilt-free snacking. It’s Fruit without the Fuss!We choose the best source for our fruit because quality of fruit going in = quality going out. All our fruit is ethically and sustainably sourced and certified from amongst others Spain, Turkey, Costa Rica & Peru.”

We say: “5th Season is an incredibly unique brand that produces freeze-dried fruit snacks. Our best selling flavour at EZ Hampers is the fruit salad, which has a selection of strawberries, apples and bananas in each serving. 100% of their products are fresh fruit, so each packet counts as one of your five a day! They’re also vegan and gluten-free, so they’re the perfect snack for anyone on the go.”