As a women-owned business with female employees, empowering women is one of our core values as a business. That’s why the team at EZ Hampers love working with and celebrating other female-headed companies that also share our goal to bring equity to girls across the globe.In this week’s blog, we wanted to share some of our favourite feminist businesses that also make products that make a positive social impact. By purchasing one of our hampers, you’re contributing to a brighter, more equal future for women in the UK and in other countries too. Why not give a gift this Christmas that celebrates not only the spirit of giving, but also the empowerment of women everywhere, regardless of their background.

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Grace Chocolates

Grace Chocolate are luxury chocolatiers, who create a variety of chocolate truffles, bars and uniquely shaped caramels. Based in Scotland, Grace Chocolate employs and educates women from the Scottish prison system, giving them a second chance at life after a criminal conviction. Through the Positive Changes programme, Grace Chocolate has changed the lives of over 70 women for the better. For 2 days per week over a 6-week period the women are given the opportunity to develop qualifications and build transferable workplace skills. 

Diablesse Rum

Diablesse Rum is a rum business that produces dazzlingly designed and uniquely flavoured rums, based on the Caribbean folk tale of La Diablesse. The owner of Diablesse, Cleo, is the first female rum maker in the UK to solely own their business. Diablesse Rum also supports and raises funds for the Young Women’s Trust, a feminist organisation that aims to reduce the economic inequality faced by many women in the UK. Thus far, Diablesse Rum have raised enough money for the Young Women’s Trust to provide 8 women aged 18-30 with career counselling.

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Azra Creations

Azra Creations is a local small business based in Manchester, that creates beautifully scented and visually stunning products such as soaps, candles and car fresheners that are both vegan and cruelty-free! The business is run solely by Faria, who is a single mother to two children, one of whom she is a full time carer for as she is severely disabled. She also named her own company, Azra Creations, in honour of her mum due to her continued support with her business since 2020. 

Cocktail Bar in a Jar

Cocktail Bar in a Jar is a women-owned small business run by entrepreneur Hannah, who also owns Vanity Bar and The Vanity Rooms, a beauty salon based in Nottingham. Cocktail Bar in a Jar makes classic cocktails in eco-friendly jar packaging, and also hand makes cocktails in baubles for Christmas, from old fashioned to raspberry bramble. As well as having a female founder, Cocktail Bar in a Jar also donate £1 for every Pink Rosie cocktail sold to the Rosie May Foundation.

Save the Turtles Hamper