Its our Supplier Spotlight Part 2! As part of our week of honouring our favourite brands here at EZ Hampers! If you missed yesterday’s blog post, click here to read. As we mentioned in our last blog post, we love working with all of the sustainable and charitable companies who create unique products for our gift hampers. In order to spread the love and support these businesses have shown to us, we’ve decided to spotlight two of our suppliers every day this week. In turn, we hope our blog readers and customers will learn more about each brand and why we support them. 

Today, in our Supplier Spotlight Part 2 we’re talking with Grace Chocolates and Bark & Bake. Grace Chocolates are luxury chocolatiers who make rich, indulgent chocolate treats for all occasions, whilst also helping women who’ve been touched by the criminal justice system improve their lives. Bark & Bake are a family-run pet treat business with a lot of heart! They make fabulously organic and grain-free treats for dogs that are crafted to look like our favourite biscuits, from oreos to custard creams. 

Grace Chocolates

1.  Who is your target audience? 

“Whether you are looking to gift to clients, delegates, guests, diners, staff, friends or family we have a wonderful choice of delicious chocolates to suit every budget and taste.”

2.  What does your company do?

“We support women who have touched the justice system and are choosing to make positive changes in their lives as they journey towards fulfilling their potential.” 

3.  What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

“Our chocolates are handmade by women who have touched the justice system and are choosing to make positive changes in their lives as they journey towards fulfilling their potential.” 

4.  What pain does your offering solve?

“Women who have touched the justice system face huge barriers when trying to access employment yet having a job helps break the cycle of reoffending which is good for everyone!”

5. Do you have a sustainable plan? 

“100% of our profits are reinvested to support the women. We are conscious of our impact on the planet so our wrapping and packaging is biodegradable, compostable, recyclable or reusable and all plastic free.”

6. Anything else you would like to add? 

“No, thanks!”

Bark & Bake

1. Who is your target audience? 

“We are aimed at puppy pawrents who love nostalgia and are looking for fun ways to share these memories with their pups. While also catering for the pawrent who is looking for treats that are natural and absent of all the nasties other shop bought treats are full of.”

2. What does your company do?

“Bark & Bake handcrafts dog treats with a twist. We create childhood favourites,such as Jammy Dodgers, but which are safe for dogs. We do a lot of research into the ingredients we consider for our treats and trial each and every recipe, until we get the approval of our whole Tasting Pack.”

3. What is the essence of your service/product/company?

“We love food and we love the idea of being able to share this love and experience with our pups. However, we also want to ensure that what we feed our dogs is beneficial to them and not just full of fillers, sugars and additives or preservatives.”

4. What is your USP (Unique selling point)?

“We have done our utmost to recreate our childhood favourites exactly as we remember them. So that side by side, it would be hard (but not too hard) to tell a human biscuit from one of our treats. It is important to us that the treats are packaged as close to how human biscuits are and that they are bright and bold.”

5. What pain does your offering solve?

“We offer a fun alternative treat option to the bog-standard titbits you can buy off any shop shelf. We fulfil the need for healthy treats which are not full of the nasties most shop treats are. Plus, they make great gifts for the pup that has everything!”

6. Do any of your profits go to charity and do you have a sustainable plan? 

“We are involved with several charities. Although, currently, we don’t give any of our profits away, we do provide hampers and prizes for their fundraising raffles and competitions. Sustainably all our packaging is currently recyclable. Sadly, we won’t be able to be plastic free due to the lack of preservatives in our products, but we have been researching heavily into alternatives and are hoping to start transitioning from later this year and be fully plant based and compostable by 2025.”

7. Anything else you would like to add?

“We are still a very small business and can’t thank all of our customers enough for making this little idea into a reality. It’s nice to know we’re not alone in our love for food and wanting to share those experiences with our pups! Some people still think we’re mad, but there is nothing wrong with a little eccentricity!”

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